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Foundation Board Members

Mike Thornton, President
Mike Thornton
Frank Woods, Vice-President
Frank Woods
Alice Snodgrass, Treasurer
Alice Snodgrass
Gary Wasson
Gary Wasson

Randy Smith

Liz Gent

Carol Woolard
John Poyner
John Poyner
Tyler Smith
Dr. Stanton
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Vision & Goals

It is the vision of the McDonald County Schools Foundation to provide educational opportunities for all students and staff members that are above and beyond the regular funding capabilities of the McDonald County R-1 School District's budget. The Foundation will assist in providing funding for unique and creative methods to enhance the learning opportunities of all students in the McDonald County School District. Most recently, opportunities made possible by the Foundation have included;

It is anticipated the Foundation will provide educational scholarships to graduating seniors of the McDonald County R-1 Schools District. It is also anticipated that the Foundation will provide educational grants to other students (e.g. a student attending a special education event) and instructors (e.g. Instructor futhering his/her education/teaching credentials).

Purposes of the grants/scholarships include: furthering a student's academic career in the case of scholarships to graduating seniors, improving the quality of education by providing funding for extra curricular events for current students, as well as improving teaching skills for current instructors pursuing further schooling. The number of grants/scholarships will be determined by the amount of funding given the Foundation.

The Foundation keeps both a printed and electronic database of all contributions, as well as grants, scholarships and contributions made by the Foundation. The Foundation will abide by all relevant reporting criteria for all contributions.

Wish List By Instructors

Mary Littlefield Superintendent of Curriculum, states, "Our high school is in need of many smart boards. We have to be competitive with our high school course offerings so our students will be prepared for college. Our number one goal is to improve student performance. Student schlarships should be granted to students who further their education and wish to return to our county to live and work. We want every student to have the necessary skills to go on to college or seek a vocational position after they complete the twelfth grade."

Kevin Blecha, Technology Coordinator, states, "I feel our district has done a wonderful job in providing the technology that our students need to succeed, but it must be constantly upgraded. The cost to keep computers in place that will run the software and programs is a daily concern. Interactive white boards are becoming more prevalent in our classrooms. They provide a ore visual learning experience for the students and keep students more involved. With a projector connected to a computer and a DVD/VCR, a teacher can supply an almost limitless amount of learning materials to our students."

Debra Coffee, Librarian, states, "My wish would be that all McDonald County School libraries received funding every year for the nominated books, promotional items, and awards for the students that participate. While some of the schools are already participating in thes, it would be a nice way to ensure that these books are in all libraries, and funds are available for promotions and awards."

Membership Form

Would you like to join us? The Foundation will help stretch taxpayers dollars. Anyone donating $100.00 or more per year will receive a card that will provide free admission to all the School District athletic events. The Foundation's Website will have a special section devoted to our members, recognizing them for their help. You can download the membership form by clicking the download button below. Please read the Donor Rights: